.:waves:. .:flips off:. .:tries again:.

Yeah, so I looked up Spander to get here. ::drools a bit:: My recent, complete, and total obsession. I write it, read it, and love it.

You know, there's only about 7 communities that deal with Spander, and one of those is a Spuffy comm?? What the f-u-c-k (heh I can spell) is that all about?


I'm claudia6913, throughly twisted. RPG whore. Fic writer. Sometimes icon maker. Very seldom do I make sense. Very seldom do I care if I make sense. And very seldom do I care if you think I make sense.

That's it.

Oh, I don't like shoes, sorry. They are a necesity, not a want.
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BrynGreenHair (mine)

*moistens eyeballs*

Um, hi. Wandered over from Narc's journal. Was sitting in Physics class today, not really listening, and started drawing stick figures in homo-erotic positions - drew four of 'em before the end of class. Drew a potted daisy next to a window too. There's this gorgeous pair of steel-toed chunky black leather calf-high boots that I want, with three thick silver zippers going up the leg. But they're $150, so there's no way in hell that I'm going to be able to scrape together that much money any time soon. *sigh&drool* My friend B laughed when I showed them to him, he was all like "Where would you wear them to?" since I don't do the clubbing scene. *shrugs* I could wear them to school, scare people away with my green hair steeltoed boot bad-ass self. ^_^

And I don't think I've ever misspelled 'fuck' in my life. Guarentee, though, I miss that one every time.

And I'm thinking about writing a fic about Shrimp-Angel and Shrimp-Spike in the Only-Shrimp world...

Um... I guess that's it.
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What are we flinging poo at, anyway? Hmm?

Narc is hyper, methinks.

Hello, my name is Green, and I have never unintentionally misspelled the word 'fuck'.
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